STANDING COMMITTEES: These are the on-going “departments” that complete the tasks to keep the POPS running – volunteers all!  See if there’s a place where you might help.

Programming & Production:

Volunteers on this committee assist in all aspects of planning and producing the four POPS productions each season as well as other performances. This includes coordinating staging and performance areas, helping with printed program development and production, supporting program-related marketing and fund raising efforts, assisting performers with their needs, coordinating and meeting day-of-concert needs, and whatever else it takes to put on a show.  This is an “inside” job.

Volunteer Corps:

Hands and energy are continually needed to assist with a myriad of support tasks such as setting up tables and coordinating ushers and other helpers on concert days; preparing refreshments for musicians or for post-concert receptions for dignitaries; distributing flyers, helping with mailings, or just finding willing hands to assist other committees with their needs.  It’s a great way to get involved with the POPS and with wonderful people.

Scholarship & Awards:

This group makes sure the most important mission of the POPS is fulfilled – supporting youth musicians.  If you would like to participate in identifying and making monetary awards to underfunded school music programs or scholarships to deserving music students, this is the place for you.

Grants Management:

Obtaining and making funds available to provide awards and scholarships is the name of this game. Familiarity with grants and grantors is important support for our grant-writing team, especially identifying and contacting those lesser-known grantors who need to know about the POPS..  You could be the connection to invaluable resources.

Public Relations & Marketing:

This groups aims at making the POPS known in the community – publicizing concerts and related events through all available avenues: advertising campaigns, publicity projects, media contacts, materials design and production, web site development.  You name it. This is the POP’s “Madison Avenue” bunch. It’s a fine place to use your artistic talents and creative ideas and have a lot of fun.

Fund Raising:

Assistance with fund raising is always appreciated, including seeking corporate underwriting; encouraging donors through contributions, endowments, scholarship support, etc.; assisting with grant applications; and planning and carrying out fund raising events.  These are the all-important activities needed to stimulate resources to help the POPS meet its goals and carry out its mission. Help is always needed and appreciated here.

Budget & Finance:

If sharing your budgeting expertise, helping us keep track of funds, and keeping our reporting obligations fulfilled sounds like your area of interest, assistance with our financial processes is always welcome.


This newly formed group has the responsibility for overseeing our financial reporting and record-keeping, particularly to assure compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of July 30, 2002 as it pertains to non-profit organizations.  We need CPS’s and lead accountants to help a couple of times a year to review our financial and audit procedures and records to keep us honest!

Board Development:

Now let’s get serious.  Here is where we recruit new board members, officers, and committee chairs; help them know more about the POPS and how to contribute their time and talents; support leadership skills and team work; develop organizational techniques and support materials; and conduct an annual board-building retreat.  If you’re interested in taking a leadership role, we’re interested in you.


AD HOC COMMITTEES: These groups meet on an “as-needed” basis to support Board Development. Community assistance is always appreciated.

Nominating Committee:

The Nominating Committee needs members who are well-acquainted in the community to help identify Board and committee members willing to fill vacancies as they arise.

By-Laws Committee:

The By-Laws Committee meets annually to review the need for By-Laws revisions and Policies and Procedures updates; assistance is always appreciated to assure sound organizational guidelines and practices.

Board Retreat Committee:

The Board Retreat Committee has the fun of helping prepare for our annual October planning session for the POPS up-coming fiscal year and concert season, which includes group facilitation, goal setting, budgeting, team building, and socializing activities.

Thanks for exploring our volunteer opportunities.