Prescott Youth Orchestra

The FALL session of PYO is underway and the student musicians are working hard on making musical magic!

Fall semester registration is CLOSED.
New students can enroll now for the Spring semester.

Two registration forms are provided below:
The first is for use by those who completed the PYO Music Camp Registration.
The second is for those completing registration for the first time to attend Prescott Youth Orchestra.

1. Register
online by
the SHORT form
at left if you
Music Camp,
or the
LONG form
below that if
this is your
first and only


2. Pay
Event Tuition


Scholarships for Tuition and Instruments are available.

Simply complete the Registration form, check the Scholarship box and Submit.

PYO Covid-19 Protocol

The Prescott Youth Orchestra will observe the CDC guidelines:

1. Everyone will be temperature checked upon arrival. If high, we will wait 30 minutes and test again.
2. Everyone will wash or sanitize their hands upon entry and later as needed.
3. Everyone will be required to wear masks, including students, coaches, volunteers and parents.
4. Everyone will maintain a distance of at least six feet or more and will restrain from physical contact.
5. When possible we will leave doors and/or windows ajar for better ventilation.
6. Surfaces (stands, chairs, tables etc.) will be sanitized each day.
7. Anyone developing symptoms of any sickness while not at PYO must stay home. Anyone developing symptoms of any sickness while at PYO will be sent home and may not return to PYO until after the designated quarantine period.
8. Everyone must sign a release form in order to participate. Students will need a parent or guardian to sign.