Toni Tennille was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. Her father, Frank, was a big band singer and her mother, Cathryn, was one of the first women in the country to host her own television talk show.
Toni studied classical piano for ten years starting at age seven and attended Auburn University where she majored in English and minored in music.
She and the rest of her family moved to Southern California in 1961 where she joined South Coast Repertory Theatre, playing a variety of roles and writing the music for Mother Earth, an ecology-themed production.
She met her future husband, Daryl Dragon, in San Francisco in 1971 when she hired him to play piano for Mother Earth. As Captain and Tennille, Toni and Daryl went on to produce ten Billboard Top Ten hits, including two that reached number one…Love Will Keep Us Together, for which they won the Grammy for Record of the Year, and Do That To Me One More Time, written by Toni. Beginning in 1976, they also starred in the Captain and Tennille Variety Show on ABC, drawing 33 million viewers each week. Toni also hosted her own syndicated talk variety show in 1980.
In the mid-80s, she began two and a half decades of singing the Great American Songbook with symphony orchestras and big bands all around the USA and Canada. In 1998-1999 she toured the country starring in the first national tour of the musical Victor/Victoria, taking the part made famous by the great Julie Andrews.

In 2015, Toni moved to Florida to write her memoir, Toni Tennille – A Memoir with her co-author, Caroline St. Clair. After completing the memoir, she had thought she might stay in Florida, but Prescott called her back, and she returned in August this past year.

Today you can find her singing contralto with the Yavapai Master Chorale, studying classical voice with Maestro Rowader, and serving on the Founders Group as Ambassador for the Arizona Philharmonic. She lives with her two beautiful Australian Shepherd girls, Bebop and Lula, and enjoys a rich life filled with dear friends and the music she loves.

You can find her memoir on in book or audio form (Toni narrates the audio version herself) and see her on – just type in Captain and Tennille or Toni Tennille.


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