Music Memory

Music Memory is an annual cultural enrichment music program for elementary school children designed to enhance understanding and appreciation of classical music.  It is targeted primarily for grades 3-5, and is open to all schools in Yavapai County.  The Music Memory concert itself is performed by the Prescott Pops Symphony Orchestra in the Yavapai College Performance Hall to provide a true concert experience.  There is no charge to the schools for this program as both the performance hall and orchestra donate their resources.

Each year the pieces to be performed are selected by the Prescott Pops Symphony music director, student booklets (listening guides) written, and made available to each student for classroom study with their music teacher or home educator.  This student booklet provides information concerning the layout or seating chart of the orchestra and introduction to each instrument and instrument family.  It also provides grade-specific information on each composition, the composer, and musical themes.  Concert manners and listening guides, a concert-oriented word list worksheet, and a word search are also provided to enhance learning and interest.  Because of these booklets and the hard work of the teachers, students come well prepared to enjoy not only the music, but the entire performance experience.


For many years, through various supporting organizations, the Music Memory program has been presented to school children all over Yavapai College and Thursday, February 22, 2018, we celebrated our 42nd year.  Two concerts were performed by the Prescott Pops Symphony for Humboldt Unified, Verde Valley students, and other outlying county schools.  Approximately 1,100 students attended each of the two concerts.

Photographer Les Stukenburg took a gallery’s-worth of photos of the 2018 Music Memory concert.  Thank you Les for helping us commemorate Music Memory’s 42nd year!  You can see the gallery below or visit the Daily Courier gallery Les put up on their website HERE.

Read the article in the Prescott Daily Courier:
Music Memories concerts favorably received
By Vicki Paris Goodman, Special to the Courier
February 25, 2018

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